Szórádi András

Director of Logistics Centre Győrszemere
H-9121 Győrszemere
Raabersped út 1.
Phone +36 96 551 601
Fax +36 96 551 608



Warehouse Logistics in industrial area Győr (Győrszemere)

Security, quality and high-tech

Our bonded and special warehouse (block and high bay warehouse) is in ideal location on the edge of the city of Győr industrial zone, close to the motorway M1/A4. One covered and one open-air storage area complement one another to form a customer-centred, easily accessible logistics platform including an office complex, container park, LGV docking ramps and railway siding.

All LGV and rail deliveries are safely and professionally handled by our multilingual logistics team in accordance with certified logistics standards (EN ISO 9001:2008). They clear customs quickly, the deliveries are professionally stored and distributed “just-in-time”.

Facts and figures

  • 4,250 m² warehouse (300 m² bonded warehouse and 1,000 pallet storage spaces in the high bay warehouse)
  • temperature-controlled storage area
  • 500 m² office complex
  • 11 LGV docking ramps
  • 6 railway gates
  • 200 m covered railway loading facilities

With modern, IT-supported storage facilities, high cleanliness standards, fire protection zones and all necessary safety measures, our warehouse complies with all quality-related as well as official and statutory requirements.