Szórádi András

Director of Logistics Centre Győrszemere
H-9121 Győrszemere
Raabersped út 1.
Phone +36 96 551 601
Fax +36 96 551 608


Road transport

Transports in Europe - and beyond

Irrespective of whether you need to move sanitary products to the Ukraine, chilled goods to Croatia, paper to Greece, household goods from southern Europe to northern Europe or extra long power plant components – we have the right solution for every job. Not only within Europe, but also into central Asia too.

We provide our customers with consistently high quality, local know-how, an extensive network of reputable partners and many years of experience.

What we offer

  • Individually optimised logistics solutions
  • Competitive terms
  • Organisation and execution of transports of all kinds and for all sectors of industry
  • Large, environmentally-friendly fleet of trucks with ADR licenses: 250 vehicles in Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania
  • Transport for hazardous goods, packaged goods and bulk cargoes
  • Contract use of renowned freight operators
  • Partner network with over 500 trucks
  • Storage, customs clearance, handling, packing etc.
  • Special equipment for the transportation of beverages, paper
  • Special mulden trailers for the transportation of steel and paper rolls