Foundation of Raabersped Budapest by GySEV Corp. (Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway Corporation) primarily for international container traffic.


Raabersped Budapest acquired full authorization for any forwarding activity in Hungary.


Core activity of Raabersped Kft, Budapest are conventional rail and sea/river transportation.


Acquisition of an interest of 51 % of GySEV in Raabersped Kft, Budapest by Raabersped GmbH, Vienna.


Majority interest (75%) acquired by Speditions Holding GmbH in Raabersped GmbH, Vienna and through this in Raabersped Kft, Budapest as well.


Integration of ÖBB Euroservice, Budapest into Raabersped Kft, Budapest.


Launch of warehouse logistic activity and foundation of Road Transport Division, logistics centre put into operation at Győrszemere, establishment of the company’s own road transport fleet.


Express-Interfracht GmbH acquires 100% ownership in Raabersped Kft, Budapest.




MÁV Rt. as the 100% shareholder owner founded Mávtranssped Forwarding Ltd. in order to provide a higher standard of railway transportation of goods in inland and in international relations, as well as to increase the quantity of goods transported on railway.


MÁV Zrt. announced a public privatisation tender to sell 100 % of the shares of its subsidiary, MÁV Cargo Zrt. The tender was won by Rail Cargo Austria AG.


The 100 % owner of Mávtranssped Kft. has become Express-Interfracht Internationale Spedition GmbH.


Express-Interfracht Hungaria

01-Jan-2010 - Merger

Raabersped Kft. and Mávtranssped Kft. merged to create a new company: Express-Interfracht Hungaria Kft. with the intention of their owner that the experience and professionalism of the two companies combined would provide high-quality global logistics services in the area of rail and road transportation, warehousing and customs.


Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria

14-Apr-2014 – Change of name

The name of Express-Interfracht Hungaria Kft. changed to Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria Kft. in the middle of April.
The company is a 100% subsidiary of Rail Cargo Austria AG (ÖBB Group - Austrian Federal Railways) through its owner, Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH.