Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria

H-1037 Budapest
Montevideo u. 4.
Phone +36 1 430 8500
Fax +36 1 430 8599


About Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria

Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria, member of Rail Cargo Group, offers wide-ranging services in the area of agricultural products, automotive industry, construction industry, chemical industry, consumer goods, wood, metal wares, paper industry, scrap and special transports.

A new generation of logistics

Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria stands at its partners’ disposal in all areas of transport. Its core competence is railway as an environment friendly means of transport. However, we also manage inland shipping, road transport, air transport and intermodal transportation. Furthermore we handle all tasks of an international logistics provider through our logistics centre in Győrszemere.

Rail Cargo Group owns an international logistics network of more than 50 branches between the Northern Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The several decades worth of experience of our colleagues and the most modern technologies create a new generation of logistics. For our partners’ sakes we combine expertise with devotion and offer tailor-made logistics solutions.

Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria Kft. is a 100% subsidiary of Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH, and was founded in 1972 as Raabersped Kft.

General Terms and Conditions

Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria works exclusively on the basis of the

General Hungarian Forwarders' Terms and Conditions (.pdf, available only in Hungarian language)

in the valid version.