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Expansion of the production portfolio in Germany


  • Signing of the contract to purchase the German freight railway undertaking PCT Private Car Train GmbH from the ARS Altmann Group
  • Further expansion of the in-house traction radius in Germany
  • Strengthening of the automotive logistics of the Rail Cargo Group

The Rail Cargo Group is consistently continuing with its internationalisation strategy. By signing the contract to take over the German rail transport company PCT Private Car Train GmbH, which is currently part of the ARS Altmann Group, the company is strengthening its market share in Germany even further. This will ensure not only a continuous, self-operated rail route from Germany to Hungary, but also a constantly high service level.

Another step on the path towards internationalisation

With the acquisition, the Rail Cargo Group is taking another crucial step in the expansion of its freight rail activities between the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The German market represents a core country for goods transport from and to Eeastern and Southern Europe. The focus lies on the development of high-quality rail products in the Central and South Eeastern European region based on cross-European production services with a modern fleet of locomotives and wagons. The contract to purchase the German freight railway undertaking PCT was signed in Munich on March 4th, in order to expand the self-operated portfolio of the Rail Cargo Group.

PCT Private Car Train GmbH, based in Wolnzach in Bavaria, Germany, was founded in 2002 andgenerates an annual turnover of about 60 million euros and employs about 30 employees; its services range from shunting services to last-mile operations and even domestic long-distance transport. The rebranding into Rail Cargo Carrier – PCT will be carried out in April, coupled with a new market appearance as part of the European rail logistics provider Rail Cargo Group. With this step,the in-house production axis of the Rail Cargo Group between the North Sea and the Adriatic ports, as well as the Atlantic and the Black Sea will be further expand. In order to cover the increased need for production and locomotive services, the company will actively implement an ideal mix between outsourcing to third-party freight railway undertakings and self-operated functions in the future.

Efficient transportation for automotive customers

As a proven partner, the Rail Cargo Group reliably and precisely supplies the European automotive industry with raw materials as well as both finished and semi-finished products. The cooperation in the field of automotive logistics with the customer ARS Altmannwhich has already been prospering since 2015 is not only to be continued in Germany, but also pushed forward with international traffic throughout the entire Rail Cargo Carrier network. Thus, our operative expertise and skills in the growth market of automotive will be expanded to serve the entire European automotive industry.

ARS Altmann Group: one of the market leaders in the automotive logistics industry

The ARS Altmann Group, based in Wolnzach, Germany, was founded in 1975 and, as a family-run company with numerous cooperation and joint-venture partners, it is today one of the market leaders in the automotive logistics industry in Europe. On the basis of its 3S system (“Schiene – Stützpunkt – Straße” – rail, logistics base, road), the Group is not just a market leader but is working continuously on adjusting and optimising its offering and its range of services. At present, the Group employs approx. 1,000 employees and runs 20 logistics centres in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Russia with a total surface area of over 4 million square metres. In 2015, the Group achieved a turnover of approx. 300 million euros. The ARS Altmann Group is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.